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Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do i make an order?
A: Before making any purchased please contact us to discussed the price, guidelines and completions time.

Q: How long does the order will be completed?
A: This may vary depending on the difficulty of the project. Paper and thesis will have different completion time.

Q: Can i get my project done within short time?
A: Yes you can, but the cost will vary. the shorter the time the more cost will be imposed. as it also work the opposite. Please contact us first before hand if you need it urgently.

Q: How do i pay for the services?
A: We take payment via PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Q: How does the pricing work?
A: Pricing may vary depending on the project. Price will depends on the agreement between editors and client. Factors that may influenced the agreement: Task difficulty, number of pages, word count, type of project and urgency.

Q: Do I need to pay first or pay later?
A: As soon as the agreement has been reached, the price had been negotiated and time of completion has been agreed. Client required to make the payment.

Q: Can i pay based on the progress?
A: Yes you can, but it will based on the agreement between you and the editor. The progress will be divided based on agreement and each progress will be given notice that the progress has been completed. The terms of payment will be the same (pay first).

Q: Does every order custom?
A: Yes every order will be make custom, and all order will be made based on the agreement between editor and client.

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